The County-City Geographic Information System (CoCiGIS) is a collaborative, multi-agency effort to create, maintain and use a GIS in the governing local DeKalb communities.

Formed through a partnership between DeKalb County and the cities of Auburn, Butler and Garrett, CoCIGIS leverages the shared resources of these government entities to provide a single repository for public information that can be trusted for its accuracy and completeness. Even more, it has helped each entity reduce costs and duplication of effort.

CoCiGIS mapping and GIS data, which is accessible to residents and businesses alike, has a number of different users and types of applications:
  • Residents use it to find home values and property taxes
  • Local governments access it for economic development
  • Insurance companies analyze it to evaluate property risk management
  • Utility companies use it to better manage power distribution
  • School systems and election boards review it for re-districting and much more.

This CoCiGIS online portal provides access to GIS resources for community business, residents and visitors.