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About CoCiGIS

CoCiGIS is a special partnership between DeKalb County and the cities of Auburn, Butler and Garrett.

In an effort to be more efficient and effective, these government entities – with a shared mission of advancing the region – collaborated on developing a singular GIS storehouse. Through cost-sharing and combined efforts, they have built a truly powerful community data resource. Since its formation in 1998, the County-City GIS Committee has been providing information and data support to the county and cities’ decision-making bodies regarding GIS, data sharing and collaboration issues. This collaboration has spearheaded a number of projects, including:


The City of Auburn and DeKalb County Governments are connected via a metro-Ethernet network operated by the City of Auburn and Auburn Essential Services. This gigabit network provides the communications base for the data sharing partnership.

Surveying Map Project

The development of the cadastral (parcel and ownership) data set was conducted over a multi-year period. Participating communities estimate a savings of $150,000. More importantly, all parties continue to save day-to-day maintenance costs as they improve the integrity of the cadastral database.

Landbase Mapping Project

DeKalb County and the City of Auburn shared common features and split common feature and accuracy level costs 50/50. Participating communities have saved over $120,000 through collaborating and sharing in the capital investment, as well as additional savings through shared maintenance of the database.

In-House Projects

The CoCiGIS partners frequently create data sets for various projects and for general use. Examples include county-wide layers for point addresses, public park locations, school locations, and voting precincts as well as community-specific layers for zoning, and public safety uses.


DeKalb County was the first county in Indiana to receive GIS-enabled DFIRM that allows FIRM data, such as flood hazard area boundaries and base flood elevations, to be integrated seamlessly into GIS maps with other local GIS data layers such as parcels and zoning.

CoCiGIS Partner Representatives

Dawn Mason
GIS Coordinator
100 S Main Street
Court House
Auburn, IN 46706

Christopher W. Schweitzer, AICP, GISP
Information Systems Manager
210 S Cedar Street
3rd Floor City Hall
Auburn, IN 46706

Jim Otis
GIS Coordinator
695 E Green Street
Butler, IN 46721

Milton Otero
Garrett City Planner
PO Box 332
Garrett, IN 46738

CoCiGIS is actively seeking ways to improve how our communities use our data and applications.